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High speed glass washer

Features for our glass washing machines:​

  • Stainless steel for water application parts.

  • Options for different voltages and HZ.

  • Three or four pairs of brushes as option, with one soft brush for Low-E glass.

  • A set of high pressure pre wash.

  • Four tanks to supply water. Three of them with heating elements. Quick connect for pumps.

  • Three pairs of  air knives with a blower, blower can be placed on top of the frame to save space.

  • This model is suitable for lines with high requirements for washing and drying.

  • With high speed, can reach max. 16m/min. 



TECHWIN washing machine.jpg

This model is easy to connect with other glass processing machines. Front stream can be double edgers and seaming machines. Down stream can be lamination lines or automatic glass unloading machines.

China glass washing machine.JPG
Glass loader.jpg

To request a quote or for help determining which of our glass washing systems is best for you, contact us at

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