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Intelligent and high speed

We offer high speed glass double edgers with 26 grinding motors. There are 4 for rough grinding of the flat edges, 4 for arrising and 4 for fine polishing. The rest 2 are for Low-E deletion. 

With servo motors and inverters equipped, the full line offers high speed processing with less labor involved. Wide ranges of sizes and configurations are as option. We offer I shape, L shape and U shape glass edging lines. These lines can work with loaders, washing machine and unloaders to save labor costs while improve the productivity.

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The double edgers are set with double servo motors to make sure synchronous speed on the two edges, the processing precision can be guaranteed. Servo motors are used for thickness adjustment and machine opening.  


With inverters control for the full line for energy saving, with automatic deceleration and sleep function. When no glass comes for 60S, the line will be in rest mode to save at least 30% power compared to the traditional ones.

All the grinding wheels can be equipped with servo motors for automatic compensation to save labor and for more accuracy processing.


An automatic measuring table is as option to measure the glass sizes automatically before processing.

Margin detection system set in the double edgers to ensure safety grinding and qualified processing.

How it works?
With 24 grinding motors, the processing speed for 6mm thick glass can reach 20m/min. 

Other options for 20 motors or 22 motors are available.

For processing width, we offer from 2000mm to 6100mm as options.
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