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Automatic vertical glass rotatry table


It's used to connect straight line edging machines. A straight edging line consists of four glass straight line edger machines and three vertical transfer tables.


The table can work with any brands of edgers. A vertical washer can be placed at the end of the edging machine so the process is full and complete.  

To make it to be an automatic line, you can also choose vertical loaders for loading and unloading.


This line increased the working efficiency and save labor costs. But you need enough space for the line. A full line is around 50m long(including vertical washer).


Transmission controlled by inverter and speed is adjustable. 

Strong wheels are used for smooth transportation and they are durable.

Fence set in front of the machine to ensure safety. 

PLC is equipped, HMI set in front of the machine to easy operation.

Max. processing size : 2500*3000mm.

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