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Economical and safe handling tools

Convenient and efficient handling mode

Stable pneumatic vacuum design structure


Pneumatic sucker

 It can rotate 90 degrees, can be used for vertical surface handling and rotation of various vertical glass deep processing machines, such as hollow glass production line, vertical drilling machine, straight edging machine and other vertical equipment upper and lower working sections.

Loading capacity: 150kgs -350kgs

Suction cups: 2 pcs

Horizontal overturning sucker

It can turn 90 degrees horizontally. Horizontal handling procedures and reversal of various horizontal glass deep processing machines, such as tempering furnace glass production line, glue clamping line, double edgers and other horizontal equipment upper and lower working sections.

Loading capacity: 350kgs - 500kgs

Suction cups: 4/6pcs


360°Vertical rotary lifter

It can rotate 360 degrees vertically and vertical state small angle reversal. This machine is specially designed for the application of straight edging machines. The operating box can be lifted up and down. It is suitable for the handling and process conversion of super-large plate or narrow glass.

Loading capacity: 250-500kgs

Suction cups: 4/6pcs

Electric glass lifting equipment

This series suckers are driven electricity and absorbed by vacuum pump. They are used for the vertical rotation and turnover of various horizontal and vertical processing machines, such as IG lines, lamination lines, vertical drilling machines, vertical washing machines and etc.

Loading capacity: 300 - 1000kgs


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