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Designing & Customization

We provide machines to satisfy your production need for processing glass.

In case you couldn't find the machine that meets your need sufficiently, contact us and we will help you out by personalizing as per your specific need.

Production Under
Your Control

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Feeling necessary to know the production progress so that you can arrange in advance?

We've heard it. In-time project management is possible with Techwin. Techwin quality is what you can see and sense.

By sending you short videos, you are given a quick and direct access to the manufacturing workshop as you are not so far away from us.

On-site Training & Commissioning

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At the time the machine arrives at your plant, we send our experienced engineer to give a detailed training program for your staff on operating, maintenance and repair:

Machine Installation and operation in daily production;

Basic understanding of the PLC screen and setting of different mechanical units;

Machine operating principles, possible problems and corresponding commissioning and decommissioning.

Maintenance Knowledge Securing Your Return

Appropriate maintenance makes every dollar of your investment worthy.

The longevity of a machine is guaranteed by regularly scheduled maintenance that increase the life of your machine.

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