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With a vertical glass drill, you can save more space than the horizontal drilling machine. It is for processing flat glass, including the irregular shape glass. The machine allows drilling of holes from 4-50MM, and the thickness it can process is 3-25mm.


With the software, the CAD drawings can be identified and proceeded automatically. Just press one button after transferring the drawings and it will work with high efficiency and precision.

Features of the machine:​

  1. INTELLIGENT: no need to manually set any parameters, drill speed, feed distance, feed speed automatic adjustment, move the glass, scan the Glass Label Bar Code, it will start drilling immediately. It is more than twice as efficient as his peers;

  2. High efficiency for various glass sizes: 500-600 pieces per shift;

  3. High Yield: 99.9% ;

  4. High Drilling Accuracy: ≤0.25 mm;

  5. Drilling quality is good: no scratch on the glass surface, drilling almost no explosion edge, can process LOW-E glass drilling;

  6. Extra Large Glass Processing: Maximum size 2500 * 4000mm;

  7. Thickness: 3-25mm;

  8. It can process irregular shaped glass.

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