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Vertical glass washing machine

This series of vertical glass washing machine is suitable for glass with different sizes.
We have five standard models as option:
Open top : 1200mm / 1600mm/ 2000mm
Close top: 2500mm / 3000mm
It can process glass thickness from 3-25mm.
Speed can be adjusted, max. speed is 9m/min. Sensor will be equipped at entrance to save power, the sensor at the exit is to prevent glass falling if operators can not pick the glass on time.


Big supporting wheels for jumbo glass.

Aluminum wheel seats in loading and unloading zone to avoid rust. Machine body and parts in touch with water are in high quality stainless steel.

Three pairs of brushes with one soft for Low-E glass. There is one motor to drive each brush.

Heaters equipped in the tank, water temperature can be adjusted.

Two pairs of slanted air knives with a blower. Inverter to save energy is as option.

Washing and drying zone of the washer can open to max. 200mm for easy daily cleaning.


Stairs and frame equipped for safety daily maintenance.

Safety doors are as option: when operator opens the door, the machine will stop automatically.

To request a quote or for help determining which of our glass washing systems is best for you, contact us at

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