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Causes and solutions for glass double edging machine inaccuracy of opening/closing

Below are two problems that often appear on glass double edgers:

Opening and closing speed is too slow.

Each piece of glass has a different opening and closing size.

You can check below causes and solutions for the two problems.

CAUSE 1 : The switch for speed is on "SLOW" option in the control panel.

Solution: Switch it to "FAST".

CAUSE 2: The encoder for opening and closing is faulty, or the wires for the encoder is loose.

Solution : Replace the encoder or replace the encoder connecting cable.

CAUSE 3: The screw rod or linear guide slide block of opening/closing are damaged.

Solution: Replace screw rod or linear slider.

Causes 4: Open and close screw or linear guide corrosion.

Solution: Lubricate the screw or linear guide regularly.

Causes 5: PLC or frequency converter, Servo and other electrical components failure abnormal.

Solution: Regular inspection on the electrical components.

Ways to prevent the problems:

Before each shift begins to work, check each glass processing equipment, check the status of the equipment components.

Periodically check the cables, other connections to the encoder and the encoder itself.

Regular Inspection on the screw rod or linear slide block of the mechanical parts, to find out the hidden troubles on time and handle them before they cause problems.

Check parts that need lubrication in time, oil them regularly.

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