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Glass washing machine -- Trouble shooting

To run glass washing machines, you may face some commons problems like marks on glass, you can check the location of the marks and see what are the causes, below are some points you should look into:

Scratches can be caused by glass chips in rollers or brushes, or by sagging spray pipes. Scratches can also be caused by processes prior to the washer, like seaming tables. Improper setting of air knives height can be a cause too.

Smudges can be from finger prints, glue from stickers left on the glass, or dirty marks on rollers, especially on rollers in the drying or unloading zone.

Streaks are generally caused by dirty water being dried on the glass in the drying zone.

Defects in glass are generally permanent, and cannot be removed by the brushes in a washer.

Stains are usually caused by condensation forming on the glass during shipping or storage. In most cases, these stains have permanently changed the surface of the glass and cannot be removed by brushes and / or chemicals.

Random marks can be glass defects, debris falling on the glass in the drying section or offload conveyor, or droplets of algae dropping on the glass in the rinse section.

Repeating marks are usually caused by dirt or an oily mark on a roller in the drying or off-load section. The distance between the marks usually corresponds to one revolution of a roller. The marks are generally in a parallel line.

When investigating a mark on the glass, it is important to determine what surface the mark is on, and the direction of the mark, as it relates to the conveying direction. Knowing this information will help you identify where in the washer you need to look to find the source of the mark.

One final thing to remember….if it is necessary to remove a mark by scraping it with your fingernail, or vigorous rubbing with a rag, then it is unlikely that the Glass Washer brushes will remove it. This applies to sticker glue as well.

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