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About Omio

Your countable partner in glass processing business.

Advocator on Automation Glass Processing

Omio is specialized in providing glass washing machines , glass double edging machines, glass sandblasting machines, glass loading machines and full production line solutions. We are convinced that we have been the best at what we do since the beginning.

Besides offering the machines, we aim at delivering the highest standards of support for your glass processing business.


How We Started?

We started as a glass fabricator in the late 90s, right as what you are doing today.It was at a time that the glass factories were seeking a better way to increase production efficiency to meet the rapidly growing need for different types of glasses.

We tried to source glass machines to satisfy heavy load and worked closely with the manufacturer at that time. It was the devotion that drove us in the hard-marching period.

For over 15 years of commitment to glass fabrication, we realized that now that we have equipped with necessary technical knowledge in different procedures, it is our duty to contribute to the overall enhancement of the whole industry. Thus we shifted our identity from a machine user to the machine solution provider.

It turned out to be a smart choice---Only the machines designed on the basis of thorough understanding of production need and users experience will be widely accepted.

Selecting On
Behalf of You

As a glass fabricator ourselves, we can tell the good machines from the bad ones with the experience to use them.

And in this way, we selected the best quality glass machines to share with you.

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