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Every Component Counts

From the stainless steel sheets to the electronic components, we source them from branded suppliers such as Schneider, SIEMENS, etc.

We understand how important the components are to guarantee high performance of a machine.


Chassis Construction:Balance Matters A Lot.

By welding separated pieces of steels cut in strict compliance with the specs, the chassis of a machine is built to the exact balance to decrease glass breakage in the production.

One important step we take before welding is to process the surface to remove the rust, by doing so, the machine is able to withstand tear from water.


Accurate Assembly:
Cornerstone of Performance

The highest precision of machining is guaranteed through the use of highly technical materials as well as accurate positioning of all components.

Our technicians make the machine with caution --- even a tiny screw that is incorrectly installed will cause hazard in actual operation.


Every perfect move of the machine is achieved only after hundreds of testing.

Our engineers work together to detect the hazards and eliminate possible malfunction before delivering it to your plant.

What does a preliminary test involve?

  • Accuracy of Specification;

  • Function Confirmation;

  • Movement route correction.

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