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Glass washing machine for coating or digital printing line

This washer can be used for glass before coating or digital printing. Processing glass from 800mm to 3000mm wide.


It's standard structure is like below:


Loading zone -- Pre wash -- Air knives -- Disc brush polishing -- Air knives -- Roller brushes -- Air knives -- Unloading.


Each polishing bridge has 2 rows of brushes. The polishing bridges quantity can be customized.

Each of the polishing bridges is moving independently and perpendicular to the transportation direction​.

Each section is with separation to prevent that water goes in the other section.

The polishing heads of the 2 different bridges turn in opposite directions.

Customized desgins:

Length of loading and unloading zone.

The quantity of the disc brush zones. 

The quantity of roller brushes and air knives.

Glass processing width. 

Others: Drop down sections, pop up casters in loading/ unloading zones.

To request a quote or for help determining which of our glass washing systems is best for you, contact us at

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