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The differences between silk printing and UV printing on glass

In glass industry, there are two normal ways to print patterns on glass, one is screen printing, the other is UV printing. Glass screen printing is made the patterns according to the customer’s drawings, printing through the squeegee, so that the ink through the mesh and comes to the glass. Screen printing net is mainly made with films that printed with graphics by computer and photosensitive glue. Pattern and text can be changed, ink must be used special ink for glass screen printing.

UV Printing, also known as inkjet printing. Graphics or patterns should be made by computer first, and then through the print nozzle to print out the needed patterns, the working principle is similar to the common inkjet printer.

The options on colors for screen printing are limited, because screen printing machines can only proceed one color at a time, if you need to print a variety of colors, you need to make several different nets for different colors. While UV printing can proceed different colors at one-time.

Screen printing can not make gradient colors, UV printing can print excellent bright, beautiful picture or pattern, gradient color can be printed too.

The adhesion of the color by screen printing is strong. During printing, the ink will emerge curing agent on glass surface, so that the ink better adsorption on the glass surface. The pattern on glass won't fall off unless you use a tool to scratch it. Although UV printing will spray a layer of curing agent-like coating on the glass surface, but it will be easy to fall off, especially when the time is long, the printed pattern will fall off layer by layer.

Glass screen printing generally used in the screen printing home appliance glass, to ensure that the ink will not fall for a long time. UV printing is commonly used in some household glass decoration.

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